FAQ at HappyClinic Denver

Sculpsure Fat Melting Technology


What is Denver Sculpsure?


Sculpsure is the FIRST and ONLY FDA approved laser device that has an INDICATION for fat cell destruction. Sculpsure works by laser light that penetrates deep into the skin to heat up the fat cells to the point where they self destract. The dead fat cells are then taken away by the body over time - usually a period of 3 months for final results. The procedure is easily tolerable and most patients say that on a scale of 1-10, it rates as a 3-4. The laser cycles through 15 seconds of heat and then 10 seconds of cooling for 25 minutes. The frequent cycling between hot and cold makes the procedure very tolerable! I found the procedure very tolerable if I was distracted with a converation. Otherwise, I was counting in my head from 1 to 15, knowing that when I got to "15 one thousand", the cooling relief would come.


How is Sculpsure different from CoolSculpt?


SculpSure is different from CoolSculpt, which freezes the fat and causes fat cell death by freezing. Many patients have had great results with CoolSculpt and indeed, Coolsculpt created the non-invasive fat destruction market. However, some of the side effects of CoolSculpt are not present with SculpSure.

1. A small percentage of CoolSculpt patients get a post procedure pain sydrome that needs to be treated with medications and pain killers. This is due to the superficial skin nerves being damaged by the freezing process. With SculpSure there has not been any reported cases of this, as there is a protective cooling mechanism that keeps the skin cool during the procedure and protects the nerve cells.

2. Because the CoolSculpt applicator sucks the skin and fat in to freeze the treated area, patients post treatment may experience what is known as a "shark bite" effect in the area the fat was destroyed. Because the fat was destroyed only in the frozen areas, there can be a clear demarcation between untreated fat and the treated area. SculpSure avoids this undesireable complication because the treatment heats the surrounding tissue as well, causing a gradual fat loss in the surrounding tissue.

3. Post CoolSculpt, the treated area is a "frozen ball of fat" that needs to be massaged and cared for. Post SculpSure treatments, the area treated is normal looking and patients can return back to any normal previous activity.

4. CoolSculpt treatments take about 1 hour to perform, while SculpSure treatments take 25 minutes. Patients can have more areas treatment during the same treatment time.

5. CoolSculpt treatments cannot be easily adapted to different body areas. SculpSure treatments can easily be adapted to stomach, love handles, saddle bags, inner thighs, bra fat, etc...

6. CoolSculpt treatments do not produce any skin tightening, just fat destruction, so the skin in the area may become loose. SculpSure treatments produce skin tightening because the heat of the laser stimulating collagen synthesis. Many patients are pleasantly surprised by the skin tightening in the areas treated.


What kind of results can I expect from my SculpSure treatment?


A recent study showed that SculpSure patients got on average a 25% reduction of fat in the treated areas. This 25% reduction of fat assessment was done with measuring before and after treatment pictures of Ultrasound and CT-scans. Patients with more fat to lose may opt for a second treatment at 6 weeks. Happy Clinic Denver takes extensive and accurate before and after pictures to measure your progress. We recommend coming back at 6 weeks for an after picture and then again at 12 weeks for the final results.


Is there any recovery post treatment?

When I had my treatment, I asked to be given the maximum energy so that I could fully evaluated the discomfort of the treatment. I was tender to touch in the treated area for 48 hours. I worked normally, without noticing the tender areas until I touched them. I did not take any pain medications or over the counter medications as they were unneccesary. Because I asked for the maximum energy, I did experience a hard lump after the treatment - this was essentially the fat dying. This hard lump resolved within 6 weeks without any incident. 95% of patients DO NOT experience this hard lump at all.

How much do Sculpsure Treatments Cost at Happy Clinic Denver?

Sculpsure treats cost $300 per applicator and are sold in sets of 4 applicators for $1200. Most patients will require 4 applicators to treat the love handles (2 applicators per side) and 4 applicators to treat the abdominal region (4 applicators to the abdomen). If you purchase a set of 8 applicators for $2400, we throw in a free syringe of Juvederm - which is a $500 value!