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FAQ at HappyClinic Denver

Sciton ClearToe Laser Toe Nail Fungus Treatments


What is ClearToe?


The Sciton ClearToe Laser is a 1064 ND:YAG laser that specifically treats  toe nail and finger nail fungus / fungual infections.


Are ClearToe laser toenail treatments painful?


Patients should feel no pain with the Sciton ClearToe laser toe nail and finger nail fungus treatments.  Some patients may feel a mild warming sensation, without any pain.

Who are good candidates for the Sciton ClearToe treatments?


Patients who have a toenail or fingernail fungus / fungual infection. 


What are contraindications to the ClearToe Laser?


Patients without a fungus / fungual infection should not be treated.  Patients currently taking antibiotics should not be treated as antibiotics make the skin more sensitive to laser light.



What can I do to attain the best results from my ClearToe treatments?


We suggest spraying all of your shoes with an antifungual spray after the treatment to help prevent reinfection.  Choose shoes that help your feet to breathe.


How many ClearToe treatments do I need?


Most patients need 4 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.


How long does the ClearToe laser treatment take?


ClearToe toe nail and finger nail treatments takes 1-3 minutes per toe/finger.  To treat all ten takes 15-20 minutes.


How much do ClearToe laser treatments cost?


All 10 toe nails / finger nails must be treated as there maybe underlying infections in all the nail beds.  For best results, we recommend a package of 4 treatments for the price of $600.