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Taavish Sharma, DMD


I have received Botox treatments three times at HC. Dr. Sharma always takes the time to discuss what I want, is polite and patient, and adjusts treatment as needed. I was really nervous getting botox for the first time, and he went through exactly what results I could get, what wouldn't work for my particular facial structure, and what he thought would produce amazing results. There was no pressure in the entire process. And I'm very happy with the results!.

- Katherine B, Genbooks Review


About Dr. Sharma

Joined July 2017

Dr. Taavish Sharma graduated from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine. He has since moved back to Colorado, the state he grew up in, to practice in facial aesthetics. During his time at Happy Clinic Denver, Dr. Sharma has completed over 5000 procedures for a wide variety of patient needs. 

During his studies as a dental student and now as a dentist, Dr. Sharma quickly fell in love with the aesthetic side of practicing in clinic, understanding just how good it can feel to see marked improvements in the mirror. He is very excited to bring his craniofacial expertise, along with his extensive training under Dr. Nguyen at Happy Clinic Denver, to make patients look good and feel their best.  Making injectables his focus, Dr. Sharma frequently addresses the entire face, ranging from botox for TMJ pain, to fillers everywhere from the temples to the jawline, all the way to complete makeovers. He also loves to provide guidance on the other aspects of facial rejuvenation that the clinic can provide so that patients achieve the best outcomes possible.   

"I am excited to introduce Dr. Taavish Sharma, DMD to our Happy Clinic Team. His eyes and smile will brighten your day, and his gentle touch will keep you looking fabulous!" - Phil H. Nguyen, MD


Outside of the clinic, Dr. Sharma enjoys being outdoors and exercising just as much as he enjoys being indoors with music or a good book. He is always looking for suggestions on where next to hike or to eat! 

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How I focus on you as a patient:

1 — Transparency

The world of aesthetics can be complicated and overwhelming. Even in just my focus on injectables, there are almost always multiple options for any concern. A big portion of my work is to clearly translate this industry into what will and will not work for your needs. I feel at ease when my doctors clearly explain their decisions to me, and I aim to be a transparent, informative provider in turn.

2 — Personal

Through the years, I've come to understand that not only is every face different, but every individual has different needs. I've been fortunate enough to work with a variety of patients, each with their unique aesthetic goals. Whether it is that one little thing bothering you, that nagging feeling of looking tired but not knowing exactly why, or just the desire to look and feel your absolute best, I do my part to make sure we create a plan specific to you.

3 — Evidence & Experience

Patient safety and the impact of my work are always my clinical priorities. I remain acutely aware of the importance of constantly learning and incorporating new standards in safety, effective technique, and evidence-based solutions. While aesthetics certainly requires artistry and vision, I believe that good diagnosis and planning lead to the best results. I am honored and humbled to have a community of thousands of patients, and I know I can best reciprocate their trust in me by diligently being the most informed, effective provider that I can be. 

Taavish's Focus

My Work

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Restylane® Lyft for Chin & Jawline

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Restylane® for Tear Troughs

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Sculptra® Full Face

Taavish's Work
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