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Alex Kretowicz, MD


I had filler and botox done. I also had my lips done for the first time and Dr. K was amazing, she knew what she was doing and is very good at her work. I am very happy with the results.

- Billie R, Genbooks Review


About Dr. Kretowicz

Joined August 2020

Dr. Alex Kretowicz graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and did her residency training at Sky Ridge Medical Center. She earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors in English Literature at the University of Southern California (USC), where she also completed her post-baccalaureate. While in medical school, Dr. K served as the president of the dermatology interest group, co-founded a free dermatology clinic in Aurora, and published several papers on melanoma. 

Dr. K is passionate about helping patients feel confident in their own skin. Thus, she loves that injectables make this goal possible in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost, and without the downtime of surgery. A California transplant, Dr. K loves the beach and visits her family (and drooly bulldog) often. In her free time, Dr. K can be found trying out a new restaurant with friends, attending a show, or shopping at a vintage store. 

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How I focus on you as a patient:

1 — Education

I am passionate about education and believe that knowledge is a key component of a patient’s treatment. As a result, I take the time to discuss the process and reasoning behind my treatments. Educating patients on the available options, the procedure, and the realistic outcomes, empowers the patient with a voice at the table.

2 — Teamwork

The patient and I are both members of the treatment plan and once the patient understands the process, he/she can then better vocalize preferences. Moreover, while I will give my opinions based on my experience and education, I strive to ensure the patient’s preferences are honored. This relationship is paramount in achieving the patient’s desired results.

3 — Personalization

Working as a team ensures the patient’s goals and tastes are involved in the treatment and aids in avoiding communication breakdown. Along with discussing the patient’s goals before starting the treatment, I check in with the patient throughout the treatment to gain the patient’s input. I also strive to use my tools to enhance the appearance of a patient with his/her unique characteristics rather than create standardized features.